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We guarantee effective representation for you, which makes the case to solve quickly. Our reputation and history of successful litigation speak for itself. We are Specialist Divorce Lawyers in Mumbai, and we are happy to share with you about Divorce Law in detail.

What is Divorce?

It is a formal bifurcation and a full stop to the married. Anyone who splits up their wedding by divorce in the court means the spousal relationship is officially over.

Timeline for getting divorced, the divorce act clearly describes that no court will hear a divorce petition within one year after the marriage.

Foremost significant causes to acquire divorce:

  •  Entrancing into a sexual connection accompanied by other men or women, even after the Wedding.

  •  Cruel behavior or violent acts towards their companion subsequent the knot.

  •  Pressurizing the spouse to switch to a different religion

  •  A psychiatric condition with a hopeless position of recovery from an unstable intellect, therefore the defendant could not survive with him or her.

  •  Down with incorrigible diseases that ought been sexually transmitted diseases or suffering from Hansen’s diseases.

  •  Refrained off spousal responsibilities to annex into any religious monk or saint.

  •  Presuming that person is acknowledged not to be alive for about seven years or extended beyond that.

What are all specific Credentials needed to file for separation?

  •  Wedding Certificate.

  •  Address Proof - for both.

  •  4 copies of Wedding Photo.

  •  Income tax statement of last 3 years.

  •  Occupation details.

  •  Earning details – latest payslip

  •  Particulars about property and Asset owned.

  •  Details of the family (both the spouse).

  •  Proof of living apart for over a year.

  •  Confirmation of unsuccessful tries at reconciliation

Categories of legal separation:

  •  Mutual Consent

  •  Contested

Particular about Judicial Separation by Willingful Endorsement:

Separation by bipartite endorsement is a legitimate process to bifurcate the wedding, where the partners feel they need to split up after their wedding upon their distinct willingness. Both of them can apply for the separation upon their desire. The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 paves the method of approach for the judicial breakup according to the partner's willingness that falls beneath the division 13B. Although the companions expect to break up the knot that binds them, they need to hold on a minimum of one year since their wedding.

How long will it take to get separated by Mutual Assent?

Those who want annulment by mutual consent first they should produce their legal appeal as an affidavit on the domestic relations court. Both the spouses ought to address their statement in the domestic relations court once they appealed. Furthermore, the jurist will postpone contention roughly by six months. Again one and the other claimants necessitated appearing to uphold their declaration of willingness for detachment by the courtroom what they disclosed six months ago over the time of the initial hearing. Judicature of Court of Justice gives disclosure of separation at the moment the appellants confirm their declaration.

Appellants possess the authority to retreat appeal throughout the opening hearing. In a context where one person wants to withdraw a plea regarding the unsettled trial, that person must disclose that they don't want to get separated in the tribunal's sight. Meanwhile, the petition is pending in the court during the first six months. Anyone among partners has the entitlement to withdraw the mutual fondness by requesting the court, citing he or she doesn’t need to divorce. Therefore the jurist will not grant the divorce.

Particular about Consent Divorce:

Consent Divorce falls beneath section 13 in the event of any one of the spouses requires acquiring a divorce from their spouse; he or she can file the divorce in the court of domestic relations. But the reason they ought to mention in the petition should be any one of the legal reasons as per the law otherwise, the judicature probably will forsake that petition during the first hearing itself.

Incompatibility between the couple and/or irretrievable breakdown of the marriage is not yet valid for filing a Contested Divorce as per the Hindu Marriage Act in India.

How long will it take to get a divorce by consent?

At first, the husband or wife who wants to get a divorce needs to convey an official notice for seeking a divorce from his or her spouse. Then the petitioner has to file the petition in the family court. The petition must be submitted, accompanying appropriate papers along with proper proof to affirm the allegation of the applicant. The court issues official notice to the respondent to present them in front of the bench. The petition is registered by resisting respondents with evidence and legal papers. Appearing in front of the family court is entirely relying on the respondent's wish. The person needs to respond to the family court whether or not he/she wants to appear in front of the judicature. If they opt not to appear for the proceedings or neither don’t wish to proceed for divorce, then the court proceeds with the absence of ex parte.

Once legal procedures are over with the help of Divorce Lawyers, then the court goes on with the further proceeding of the trial to probe conflicts amidst the spouses. Both of them have to report their proofs of allegations and the claims in the family court. Thenceforth N number of trials will be occurring to examine submitted evidence plus documents surrendered by both sides. When all hearings are over, then the court states its adjudication. And the court specifies on what basis the bench has come for this judgement then announces the decrees. If the petitioner and respondent make mind up to breakdown their nuptials on mutual understanding during the hearing, the court dispenses a divorce decree based upon those provisions.

Various Indian Laws for Divorce based on the religion:

Special Marriage Act of 1954 - Characterize the ways to proceed for legal separation for inter-religious married people.

Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 - Describes regulations concerning opting legal judicial separation for Hindus and also for people associated with Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

The Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872 along with the Indian Divorce Act of 1869 - Defines the formalities and protocol for Christians who opt for legal separation.

Dissolution of Marriage Act of 1939 and The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act of 1986 along with Personnel laws of Divorce - Regulations to Muslims for opting divorce.

The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act 1936 - Define the Parsis procedures for proceeding for the divorce.

Choose the Best Divorce Lawyers in Mumbai

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